Daniel van der Molen
Writer Producer Director Cameraman Editor
I am the founder of Molen Media and the Producer / Director of the Crystal Palace documentary 'When Eagles Dare', the five part mockumentary series 'Road to FA Cup' and the cold water swimming documentary 'Fat Boy Swims Again'. I have worked on many projects ranging from street vox pops to TV productions. Having invested in a Sony PMW 300, audio equipment and editing software, I worked on a Freelance basis as a Writer, Producer, Director, Camera Operator & Editor. I am able to operate all editing programs and can work from my home editing suite in Wimbledon, South London. I currently work for Tottenham Hotspur FC as a Producer / Presenter on Spurs TV.

Molen Media
We are a Surrey and London based Production Company who offer a wide range of video services, from transfering footage to documentary film making. We have dealt with clients such as ITN, ITV News, the BBC and ABC Australia. We have a talented team of cameramen and editors who specialise in creative productions, sports reporting, high end showreels, in depth interviews, corporate / promotional videos and video transfer. More information can be found on our website:

When Eagles Dare
When Eagles Dare, produced by myself and Joseph Mainland, is a documentary which follows the behind the scenes activity at South London football club Crystal Palace during their 2012/13 campaign. Following a nine-game winless streak the Eagles secured a play-off place on the final day of the season and went on to gain promotion to the Premier League, defeating rivals Brighton over two legs in the semi-finals and then Watford in the final at Wembley.

Road to F.A. Cup
Molen Media have been working alongside Chancer Productions in creating a new and exciting 'mockumentary' series; Road to F.A. Cup. With the help of our production team, Aaron Whitehead and I wrote, produced, directed and edited all five pilot episodes. The project has been the focus of much media attention and we're currently seeking backers to help take it to the next level. The trailer and first two episodes areviewable on the official RTFAC website:

Phone +44 (0)7826 526 522


Production Credits - Daniel van der Molen

Producer / Camera Operator (DOP) / Editor: 'Fat Boy Swims Again' - Documentary 2014

Camera Operator (DOP) / Editor: 'Total Immersion' - Promotional 2014

Camera Operator (DOP) / Editor: 'Team will.i.am video' - The Voice UK' - Music 2014

Producer/ Director / Camera Operator (DOP) / Editor: 'CPFC When Eagles Dare' - Documentary 2012/13

Camera Operator: 'NCCA UK Online' - Promotional 2013

Camera Operator: 'Wimbledon Live; Tennis' - Promotional 2013

Editor:  'Novartis Online' - Corporate 2013

Camera Operator (DOP) / Editor:  'MMV Online' - Corporate 2013

Editor: 'Microsoft Online' - Corporate 2013

Producer / Editor: TIDE (training in deaf education) - Promotional 2013

 Producer / Director / Camera Operator (DOP) / Editor: Jessica Hobson - Music 2012

Assistant Producer / Writer / Editor: Omnisport, Perform Group 2012-Present

1st Camera Operator: Petite Noir - Doug Gillen Interviews 2012

Camera Operator (DOP) / Editor: Touchtennis: an introduction - Promotional 2012
 Co-Writer / Producer / Director / Editor: Road to F.A. Cup - 'Mocumentary' Series 2009-2012

Project Manager / Camera Operator / Editor: Vox Pops International 2011
 Production Runner: Paul O’grady Live - TV Series 2011

 Producer / Camera Operator (DOP) / Editor: We Got Mould - Documentary 2011

 Production Assistant: Britain’s Got Talent - TV Series 2011

 Producer / Director / Camera Operator (DOP) / Editor: The Healing Journey - Promotional 2010

 Runner: Britain’s Got Talent - TV Series 2010

 Writer / Producer / Director / 2nd Camera Op / Editor: My Amsterdam - Documentary 2009

 1st Assistant Director: Hairpin - Short film 2009

 Producer / Director / Camera Operator / Editor: Purgation; Behind the Scenes - Documentary 2008

 Producer / Director / Editor: Nescot Football development Squad - Promotional 2005

 2nd Camera Operator / Editor: The Primates - Music 2004